Photo taken by Atul Shenoy at age 10. River Nile. Egypt. (click to enlarge)

Eleven years ago, you came into my life and nothing was the same again.
Ten years ago, you smiled at me and I thought my heart could not hold any more happiness.
Nine years ago, you said “I love you” and I knew my heart could hold more joy.
Eight years ago, you wrote me your first letter and I preserved it with care.
Seven years ago you made a clay sculpture and said it was for me.
Six years ago you gave your first solo stage performance and I cheered like crazy.
Five years ago you started showing great interest in sketching and they turned out real good.
Four years ago I got you a pair of hamsters and you said you adored me for it.
Three years ago you wrote a poem just for me.
Two years ago you started showing an interest in photography and the pictures you captured were brilliant.
A year ago you wanted to give gifts to all the children at the orphanage and we did it together.

Ever since you came into our life you’ve given it a meaning, lit it up brighter than sunshine, and made it warmer than love, and given it more depth than a bottomless pit.

You mean the world to us.
Happy birthday our darling son.

With love
Dad and Mom.

Addendum: My heart bleeds for India. I feel so strongly about it. Have expressed my emotions HERE.


November 26, 2008

Friendship and laughter

November 26, 2008

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  1. This is such a wonderful wonderful, full of love post! Belated birthday wishes to the dude!

  2. Atul,
    I suddenly realized that you are also a saggi…

    Saggis rock 🙂

  3. wishing Atul a belated happy birthday!

    here to a lifetime of joy, love, hope and fun for the cool dude!



  4. Keshi:Thanks! 🙂

    Cris: Well..what can I say?

    Enigma: Thanks from Atul and me too 🙂

    Tys: I did mention it to Atul–he thought it was really cool. Happy b’day Tys (though belated)

    Suma:Thanks so much!!

    Shimmer: 🙂 Heh heh–thanks.

    Arjun:I will–thanks a lot!

  5. aww Happy Bday to ur son! Wut a sweet n loving post.


  6. Belated Happy birthday Atul… I wanted to say more nice words, cause I was touched reading the Mom’s words for her son… but then I went on to the addendum, saw that picture and the poem and now cant find any more nice words…

  7. wshing u a very happy birthday Atul….

    u r a real talented one and will make ur parents proud,, 🙂

  8. happy birthday atul….we both seems to have been born on the same day but with years in between…so we cud be brothers or even twins…i wish for u a life of contentment, love and wisdom…oh, btw, u also have a much cooler twin…bruce lee..

  9. the pic is awesome, your silhouette, the sun everything…(on a totally diff context, for some reason i remembered my spray painting classes in school… this would have made a wonderful pic for that…other han the sun perhaps )

    and the poem, preeti ..i just loved it…its wonderful to see something you create grow into something beautiful every single day…

    and since i’m late, here’s wishing atul happiness always …i’m sure he had fun…

  10. hmmmmm… well actually i had an idea, bt wast really sure as to who it was 😛

    a gr8 shot though, the pic 🙂

    psst.. u lookin like a teenage gal 😉

  11. U r lucky.. 🙂

    Wish him a Very Happy Birthday… 🙂


  12. Dear All,
    Atul joins me in saying a Big Thank you to all who wrote in and wished him.
    He read each and every comment 🙂
    And he said to say a special thanks to those who said that the photo he clicked was great. :)So–a special thank you from Atul to Sunshine,Varun,Monika,How do we know,Still thinking and Karthik,Niall and Only one.

    And ‘Shimmer’–its me in the picture! (Couldn’t figure out if u really did not know or were kidding so clarified):)

    Thanks again–all of you.

  13. Wishing Atul A very Happy Birthday!!!
    The photograph is indeed beautiful, have commented on that earlier too.
    Hope he had a great 11th birthday and really enjoyed his day regardless of current affiars. 🙂

    -the other shru

  14. A massively big wonderful bucket full of happy birthday to you Atul!!!What a lovely photograph too..!!! Love from us all!

  15. Happy Birthday, Atul!!!!

  16. Happy birthday to Atul!!!

  17. WOW
    Happy birthday sweetie pie ..
    please wish him on my behalf ..
    really nice wish .. he sure s blessed for u r his mom !:)
    take care
    sorry 4 the late replies .,.. not been able t o log in so long !!

  18. Dear Atul,
    Like a candle in the night,
    show the world little light,
    spread joy & happiness,
    to one and all in your lil world.
    God Bless!!
    Happy Birthday …Prem, Rajashree & Amrita.

  19. Happy Happy birthday Atul 🙂

  20. Happy Birthday Atul!!!

  21. hey happy birthday sunny 🙂 i m glad i checked on time before the clock struck 12:00 hate to wish belated wises…
    God bless u….
    so hope u guys had a blast! take care

  22. Wishing Atul a very happy birthday!!

    And the photo clicked by him is awesome 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

  23. sorry for not messaging.. Happy Birthday to Atul… been busy with work, a seminar, a bad patient and Nanowrimo too…

  24. happy birthday Atul.May God give u all the happiness in life and lot’s more. Btw I have updated my blog site in my proile..

  25. Wishing your son a very birthday! Let the year bring happiness for him 🙂

  26. Happy birthday to you Atul..:)
    Have a great year ahead..:)

  27. Happy Birthday Atul 🙂

    You’re definitely one of your mom’s most precious gift. I’m totally impressed by the pic you’ve taken, it almost translates an emotion. Take care sweetie, it’s aunt stillthinking…lol!

    P.S: Preeti, thank you for calling us nice ppl.

  28. Here’s wishing Atul a very happy and grand birthday! May he achieve all that he sets his eyes on and may success follow him like a shadow 🙂

  29. Happy B’day dear bro Atul 🙂

    btw.. who’s in dat pic?? 😀

  30. Happy Birthday to Atul!!!!!
    Wishing him all the best..and more reasons to happy for both of you!!!:-D

  31. Happy b’day Atu!!

    that was a lovely post, Preeti 🙂


  32. Happy B’day Atul.

    Have wonderful times ahead.


  33. our wishes and prayers too.

  34. Happy Birthday Atul! And thats a wonderful pic!! You are lucky to have him, and he is lucky to have you!

  35. **HUGS** to Atul
    Many many happy returns of de day 😉


  36. happy birthday atul… thats an amazing snap

  37. happy birthday to one of my favourites:)
    happy birthday Atul:)

  38. Happy Birthday Atul!!!

  39. Lovely Preethi….these words have captured the essence of ur relationship so beautifully!!!!


    !!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATUL!!!!!!

  40. Happy Birthday Dear Atul 🙂

    You are one super talented kid just like your mommy 😀

    Have a wonderful day and an awesome year ahead!

    Lovely poem Preeti.

  41. Happy Birthday Atul 🙂

    Get your Mom to bake you a huuuuuuuge cholotatey chocolate cake and save me a piece from that 🙂

  42. Happy B’day to Atul!!

    I just reached back after an early morning b’day (surprise) celebration for one of my friends. We sneaked into his house and got him out of his bed, made him cut the cake without giving time to even brush his teeth… and gifted a collage with the worst of his faces..

    I am sure you would have given a better surprise to your son and surely he’ll only adore you more for the poem that you wrote..

    Wishing him all the joy around and let the happiness prevail for all of you.. 🙂

  43. and from all of us here 🙂
    Many happy returns of the day.
    Good poem , PS.

  44. happy b’day to you, Atul… 🙂 keep enjoying your life…

  45. Here’s wishin Atul a Very Very Happy B’day! May God Bless Him! n wish him countless more years of happiness ahead!

    Thats a lovey note to him..its like recording each of his li’l milestones..u shld keep at it:)

  46. Atul is gonna treasure these most beautiful lines all his life…that was such a wonderful poem.

  47. awww…wish Atul a very very Happy Bday!! he really is very talented…the pic he clicked is superb!!

    your poem is lovely as well – i agree with Geeta above, you should keep adding to the poem! 🙂

  48. Hey, wish him a very happy and joyous birthday on behalf of me.
    All the parents adore their kids, but somehow don’t really express it. I appreciate the way you show it. Your kids will cherish it when they’ll grow up. Cheers to your motherly act.

  49. Happy birthday to Atul..:)
    P.S you should keep adding to this poem each year on his birthday.So expressive it is:)


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