Indian of the Year Award 2017

Indian of the Year Award 2017

“It has come as a total surprise. I am honoured and humbled at the same time. I was buried in writing my ninth book, when I got the news. It took a couple of hours to even sink in, as I had to extricate myself from the world I created in my book, and crash land into the real world. When it finally registered what a big award this is, I quickly looked at how many hours it would take away from my writing time! Jokes apart, I thank Brands Academy for the award, and a big thank you to my publishers who have put their trust in my writing, and my readers who shower me with love.”


It’s All in The Planets

Meet Aniket. Twenty-seven, techie, Mr. Average. His best friend is Subbu, a nerd who breathes, thinks and lives code. Aniket cannot believe his luck when he starts dating Trish —a stunning, sexy model, who is totally out of his league. But Trish has a list of things she wants him to work on, beginning with his potbelly and his geekiness.

Then there’s Nidhi, thirty-two, who has quit her corporate job to follow her passion. She is engaged to Manoj, Mr. Perfect—except for one aspect.

Aniket and Nidhi meet on a train, a chance encounter, and she agrees to become his ‘relationship coach’. It’s a decision that sets into motion a chain of events that will have a profound impact on the lives of all involved.

One man, two women and the trap called Destiny.

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